Fintech Cooperative Ecosystem

Guerilla Fintech

Conscious fintech guerilla cooperative ecosystem made up of fieldwork teams striving for the creation and use of liberating financial technologies and cooperative self-managed resilient infrastructures, contributing to the composting of the old system and spreading seeds for the growth of a new flourishing economy.

Ama-gi Token

Ama-gi Token

Members can participate globally in the community with work or capital and can generate common benefits and wealth distribution acquiring fractions of the Ama-gi Token (AMA) income smart contract.

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The key part for the social transformation capacity of new distributed technologies are the human factor. Localnodes are the local connection between the distributed value network, communities and real economy, acting for the best interest for the ecosystem and no complaying with any commercial afialiation or corporative interest.


We are deploying resilient digital communication infrastructures which are censorship-resistant and open access, building an optimal and autonomous networking environment for value and information transfer, as a common resource for the whole ecosystem.


We commercialise tools for personal and safe mobile communications and transfers, for navigating freely in the ecosystem while maintaining your privacy and independence. Open-source software without tracking applications, spy services and backdoors, developed by and for the community.

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We study, design, finance and develop tech-based organic production, eco-industries, commonal infrastructure, green energy crypto-mining... in order to build strong foundations for sustainable and fair economic growth, offering strategical investment opportunities in new economic sectors and participative planning in projects for better efficiency and early amortisation.


Fund management, trade signals and collective market strategies, digital assets creation, smart-contracts, local and social currencies and fair peer-to-peer financial products for maximising value growth and injecting extracted capital from the speculative markets into the ecosystem, thus strengthening social and moral economy.